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Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Mum Always Said, "You Gotta Kiss A Lot Of Frogs..."

I've been reading quite a bit lately. Duh. Mainly though, I've been reading about race, colour, differences.

What I've come to learn (and continue to learn) especially through the book I am currently into is that small children do not differentiate between black and white or chocolate and vanilla skin colours. They see a person as an individual. Small, young children see someone for who they are.

Santa is Santa. Santa is not a white guy. Santa is not necessarily a black guy. Santa is this great guy who, once a year slips down the chimney and leaves gifts behind. He is good. He is an individual being.

As kids exit toddler-hood this schematic changes and development takes over the senses. Children begin to notice the differences in skin colour, eye shape, boys and girl, etc. I remember Noah, up until recently would often tell me that when he grew up he wanted to be a girl just like me.

Isn't that interesting.

I find it too perfect and incredibly awesome that children, (assuming they've not been biased by adult persuasion and insistence) see us for who we are. We are assessed on an individual, one-by-one basis.*

While I find this all very amazing, I do think it is important to address the issue of race. Of course.

I think it's important to give consideration and as much lime light, respect, honour, and attention to all races.

Because no one race is better than the next. No one people is more intelligent, strong, worthy than any other.

Africans may be known for their incredible ability to run.

Americans may be known for their incredible ability to make it to "the top" in the cut throat world of business.

Asians may be known for their studious and extremely bright children.

But no one race is greater or more special.

We are all unique - bringing different qualities to the table, creating a whole through the sum of the parts.

That said, the white race is predominent in North America - in Canada this is even more evident.

I believe a movement is taking place. A generation, (mine) is taking notice of the qualities of those who may have been seen as the minority in the past.

Dove has stepped up to the plate with their Campaign For Real Beauty.

Cosmetic companies are creating new colour schemes appropriate for African and African American skin complexions.

And now Walt Disney has gone and created it's first ever movie starring an African American Princess.

Kudos to you Disney.

*none of this supersedes the fact that we believe all children need role models, friends, and peers from their own race

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