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Friday, July 24, 2009

Late Night

It was late.

I had tried the usual "watching 10 minutes of a movie", in the hopes of falling into a deep slumber. My attempt failed and I endured the whole thing. Reading didn't do a thing.

Perhaps it was that cup of coffee at lunch.

Maybe it was nerves and sadness over this whole situation.

Regardless, it was late and I couldn't sleep.

So I began praying that God would show me maybe a little sign that this could possibly turn out well. I've always been told (and I believe it) that we serve a Big God. I know that I should pray boldly and ask for big things.

I did just that.

When Ben was finally home I was still lying there, in the dark peace of the late late night.

Still praying. Throwing as much praise, hope, thanksgiving, sadness, and pleading in there as I could.

And when he came to bed he surprised me with, "I have some good news".

It's not over. This journey, I am realizing is only just beginning. But last night as I lay there just before the clock struck into the wee hours of this day, I was finally given some good news.

You see, my God is Big and my God is so Good.

Update: July 22, 2009

BDO Dunwoody Limited, Trustee in Bankruptcy of Kids Link International Adoption Agency o/a Imagine Adoption receives generous monetary gift to ensure well being and placement of children in Ethiopian transition home.

Through a recent and generous gift of US $100,000 from Yamana Gold Inc., a short-term milestone has been reached and the well-being of the 43 children in their transition home in Ethiopia is ensured. With this donation in place, we know the transition home in Ethiopia will continue operations until such time as the matched children are placed with their new families.

While many individuals and interest groups have generously offered donations to achieve this goal, the ability to deal with one corporate donation that would fully fund transition home operations over the near term was a more manageable option.

Yamana Gold Inc. is a Canadian-based organization with operations in South America. Yamana does not have any operations or interests in Africa. This gift from Yamana is to ensure the care and well-being of the children immediately impacted by the recent insolvency who were resident in the transition home on July 14th.

Business Continuity Options being pursued

As Trustee of an insolvency that directly impacts the lives of children in Ethiopia and families in Canada, BDO Dunwoody has focused on the appropriate management of the situation some of which has exceeded a standard bankruptcy administration. Upon engagement, it became immediately apparent that there were some short-term priorities and milestones for the organization including

• that care would be provided to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of children in the transition home in Ethiopia; and,
• that the needs of people who have engaged with the previous organization to pursue the adoption of a child are appropriately and fairly managed. This includes the safe management of personal and private data and, where possible, the continuation of processes initiated by the previous organization.

The Yamana gift noted above has addressed the first priority.

Regarding the second priority, BDO Dunwoody is fully aware that the emotional and sensitive nature of this insolvency extends to individuals and families in Canada that have pursued adoption through the previous entity but who are not yet matched with a child.

BDO Dunwoody is continuing discussions with the licensing government office, stakeholders, individuals and other organizations regarding continuity of services that were provided by the previous organization. If successful, and fully compliant with regulatory requirements, the unmatched files would continue to be managed. This objective is not typical for a bankruptcy of this nature; however, the sensitivity of this priority is recognized. We will continue to communicate the status of this option for the unmatched families between now and the creditor meeting on July 30th.

Please continue to pray boldly to the God of the Heavens and the God of the Earth. He hears everything.


John and Andrea said...

Oh Ashleigh, my heart goes out to you guys but Praise God... there is hope.

Lola said...

Ya praise God! I'm going to link to your sight right now.

Papa/Grandpa said...

Keep on casting your bread upon the water.
Pray is always answered but not always so quickly or directly.

FTD said...

Wow! What a hope-filled update! Praise God for this late night gift :)