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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Below is a petition we have signed along with over 7000 others across our country, in support of Imagine's bankruptcy affect on adoptive families.

If you wish to sign it we would be so appreciative. You can maintain anonymity at the site, if you wish. Instructions, after you sign, will ask what donation amount you would like to gift. Simply ignore this, as your name will already be added to the petition.

Thank you for your support


Friends, Family and Supporters of International Adoption

We need your help and support to protect the future children of families adopting internationally through Imagine Adoption. On July 10, 2009, Imagine Adoption, a government regulated agency in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada declared bankruptcy (Globe & Mail, July 14, 2009.)

It has been reported that there are more than 500 Canadian families who have been directly affected by this development. This number translates into an even greater number of children yet to be (or recently) adopted by Canadians.

The more than "500" families mentioned are at various stages in the adoption
process for Ethiopia, Ecuador, Ghana, Zambia and possibly other countries. Each family has entrusted many thousands of dollars to Imagine. As this process usually takes more than a year's time and many thousands of dollars to complete, we urge the Ministry of Children and youth Services to do the following:

Immediately determine a solution to
facilitate and complete all of Imagine Adoption's active files affected by this bankruptcy filing.

As this situation has been allowed to occur while operating under the direct
regulation (licence) of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services it is
imperative that the Government of Ontario takes an active role in ensuring the well being of the many hundreds of children and Canadian families who have found themselves devastated by this news.

As a community, the families who were working with Imagine Adoption are trying to come up with possible solutions to protect the well-being of our children and keep our dreams of starting or completing our families alive . We can't do this alone.

Please support our cause by signing this petition and encouraging all your friends and families to do the same.

Sign the petition

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