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Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Firsts On The First

The first day of 2009 marked a couple of firsts around here...along with that "fresh" and "it's a new year" sentiment I was embracing, there were a few tangibles helping mark the start of our 2009.
  1. Someone brought up the extremely important reminder that this is the year we will welcome a little girl into our home. Forever. Not next year, not "hopefully sometime" in the unknown future. This year. (Not that the thought hadn't crossed my mind many times in 2008 but it was encouraging to hear it from the lips of another.) And, while the only thing that is certain in the world of adoption is uncertainty, I find comfort knowing that we serve a great and mighty God who wants nothing that to see the parentless raised by a mother and father. The inventor and our strongest advocate of adoption, leading by example, the first to adopt, His passion is here.
  2. The first day of our new year was marked by the delicious aroma and flavour of this Yirgacheffe...beans originating from a country we are passionate about. Roasted a mere few days before being opened. Traded Directly. For sure. A perfect Christmas gift.
  3. A far cry from being an accomplished task but at barely 23 months, what more could I expect. Several successful sits on his potty warranted "big boy underwear" (and a couple of smarties). A day later, he's wearing them again!...high-fiving Noah and I whenever each attempt is successful on his little throne.
  4. The first time I've made this for supper in many many months. A deliciously, healthy way to create a supper sure to please them, it used up many of the random leftovers from the holiday. A specially concocted, original "sauce," brainstormed out my necessity to make a tasty, sugar-free fruit pizza sauce...a blend of cream cheese, (homemade pure) applesauce, and a titch of peanut butter for flavour and a little extra protein. Topped with mango, blueberries, halved grapes, and banana slices...and who could go wrong when tossing in a flax blueberry mix into the dough for a little added texture and goodness?! Yum was the all-round reaction at our dinner table.
Our 2009 started out well.

Our day fell into place.

The only thing missing was a little Chocolate-Skinned Being.

She too will come in due time.

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Pops said...

2009 is going to be a banner year for you...I'm certain of that!