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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Newest Find...

I've been interested in finding a black Cabbage Patch Doll (CPD). I had 3 (caucasian) CPD girls and babies, when I was young. It's just one of those "childhood memories" in which I think every young girl should relish.

These dolls have created a legend in and of themselves. To name a few noteworthy achievements...
  • Taken To Space
  • Official Olympic Mascots
  • 1990 - An Official Stamp
  • Designed To Be One-Of-A-Kind Look-A-Likes
    • In 2004 one was created to resemble Ellen DeGeneres. She sold it on Ebay for more than $15,000 which she then went on to donate to the Red Cross
My hunt for this chocolate CPD has been casually active. What I mean is that I have been on the lookout but not using every spare minute to seek one out. Also, I have not been willing to pay top dollar (duh). I have been quite picky. And I have actually not wanted a brand new one.

The newest ones are completely Caucasian in every physical way, except skin tone. These newer African girls have the same facial structure, eyes, nose...(you get the idea) do the Caucasian girls. Some of the older ones actually have more African features. I love this. The authenticity is worth the search.

While in one of our favourite Consignment stores the other day, I wasn't looking for her. But, as often happens when we momentarily pause or forget about our search, there she was.

I was skeptical at first...

...she was clean looking without any major marks.

...she looked slightly loved but not overly so.

...what was her price tag, I wondered.

...she was naked. Huh, I thought: could the employees not have had the decency to dress her?

Interestingly, there were several caucasian CPDs and two African ones. The two African girls were naked. The others were dressed. Was this a reflection upon their previous owners. Does it say something about the owner and employees of the consignment store? Maybe I'm over-thinking the whole situation, I tell myself. Likely.

Regardless, I put the doll that caught my eye, back on the shelf.

Yes, her price had been "right". She had that "take me home" look in her eye. Yet, I grew up in a home where you don't make impulse buys. And, I'm not into collecting "things". So, I didn't want to purchase something on a whim only to either return it (and at our consignment store this is only done within a 24hr time period and for store credit only), or have it sit in our (currently) spare room for several months, naked, gathering dust.

I kicked myself all the way home.

Trying to rationalize my motives and theory for not taking her home, I looked up CPDs online. I looked for originals (which easily range into the hundreds of dollars, especially if they are in their original boxes). I went on the Cabbage Patch Doll site. I checked out our local, used sites and the lot. I could not, for the life of me, find her anywhere.

I mulled it over some more. Called the store and asked them to put her on hold for me until today. I had to have her. Not in a need sort of way but an, "I really really reeeeally want her" sort of fashion.

No problem, they say.

After putting my heart at ease I delve into the CPD site even further. My heart is warmed as I am reminded of the many qualities which have drawn young (mostly) girls to these dolls for decades now.

The process used to be completed by mail (way back in the stone ages when I was young). It is now completed online. Regardless, each of the CPDs who leave the Babyland General Hospital are sent to whomever has purchased them. This young child then logs onto her computer to make the doll hers...

She Adopts Her New Cabbage Patch Doll

Yes, they actually use the term Adopt. Each preemie, newborn, infant, or kid is Adopted into it's new family. Papers are signed and the Adoption is certified and official.

Fast forward 24 hrs.

I pop into the store to pick up "our baby sister's doll", Noah states. The store is having a 50% off all teal-coloured-tags, clothing sale. I go to the till to get the item I have come for. The girl is very friendly and as she rings up my purchase, we get to talking. She is very chatty.

Me: So, it's only teal tagged clothes that are on 50% off?
Her: Well, I did just acccidentally mention to you that it's everything with a teal coloured tag.
Me: Oh...???...!!!
Her: So, I'll just mark her down for you.

Wow. While I know this is just a doll. And, to most people she represents some dark cloth fabric, stitched together with Xavier Roberts' signature (scanned in) on her cute little toosh. But to me this is a small sign that She is meant to be. That all our work, our waiting, our praying, and our patience (mine is beginning to wear a little thinner) will be worth it.

If I had searched harder, looked into the bowls of an online site somewhere, I'm sure I would have found her. I'm pretty sure she would have been a bit more costly. I'm pretty sure she would have been clothed. I'm certain I would have paid shipping. And, I know that bubble of excitement inside wouldn't have been quite as big...because I wouldn't have paid just $3.99.

Yes, that is in Canadian Dollars.

No, that is not three-hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

All I paid was a toonie, a loonie, and 99 cents in change.

She is worth more.

Perhaps not monetarily but symbolically.

And we brought her home. Washed her off a little. Then, dried her. I sewed her a little outfit. (You may recognize the fabric and dress hem.) It may not be perfect, as the pattern was on-the-spot and off-the-top-of-my-head. I will call it an Original.

Then I placed her on the counter for the boys to see.

She's Beautiful, Mama...

...said Noah, in all of his 3 year old innocence.

I Agree.


sharona said...

what a totally moving post....thank you for that glimpse into your adventure! She IS beautiful and she DOES mean quite a bit, doesn't she?

Theresa said...

your blogs are amazing and i look forward to reading them in 2009 and have a wonderful New Year

Pops said...

This is a wonderful blog ~ it says so much about so many things. A little girl somewhere on the other side of the globe is in for the adventure of a lifetime!