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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Colours Of Winter

I've always heard and read that the deeper the colour of your tree grown food, the more nutrient rich and healthy they are for you. I truly believe this.

Not only that, they are one of those foods that, when they boys are hungry before supper, will fill that "hungry spot" in their little bellies. They get that extra energy boost and are always still hungry for supper. It hasn't always been this way but when given the choice over and over again between cucumber and nothing, between red pepper and air, between carrots and water, the veggies will always win in the end. Something is better than nothing.

I have to admit I am a huge advocate for healthy eating. (Insert your "DUH" here). Potty training can be a little rough with this much roughage in the gut but it's all well worth it - case and point: we've all been really sick only once since this time two years ago.

Green is good.
Red rocks.

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