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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

She's Running...I'm Using Cloth

We all have unique methods to our madness and the old cliche saying "It's Our Childrens' Future" rings louder with each smog filled day...

...well, maybe not here in rural Crofton with a booming population of 2,500, zero traffic lights and only a couple of local "essentials" stores. Yet, most of the world is emanating this "oh crap what is that smell and why does my child have asthma already?" sentiment and fear.

While Steph and Matt are running around North America to raise environmental awareness (that's the condensed version) I will do what I can here in my humble abode. After all, each little action adds up and more importantly - the example I set for my children will impact them more than my words ever will. I admit to trying, truly I do.
  • I turn off lights when not in a room.
  • I don't leave water running unnecessarily.
  • I recycle...well, not as much as I should but I'm working on it.
  • I walk and don't drive, when at all possible.
  • I do not buy pre-packaged.
  • I don't use my dryer unless it's absolutely necessary.
I have done what I believe to be a good enough job. But my Dad has always taught me that "good enough" simply isn't "good enough".

My Action for you, Steph and Matt;

My effort to teach my children;

My desire to make the earth a greener and cleaner place to live;

My need to be a better person by caring about the earth's problems;

For those reasons, I present to you my newest endeavor and serious goal. A casual attempt made in the past. Now taken to a whole new level...

Cloth Diapers
  • Bought on Consignment...
  • Never bleached...
  • Never tumble dried...
  • Never (to be) thrown into a landfill...
Hung To Dry On The Line, Thanks To A Beautiful October Day
And Don't They Make Little Bums Look So Cute


J&A said...

Hey! I'm doing cloth too! At least I'm going to give it a serious try! I bought all mine second hand off Craigslist! Here's to many loads of laundry coming up :)

Run For One Planet said...

you are so awesome :) except tip #10 "teach your children well" has actually been changed. i should have told you. there has been a general consensus at our school events that it's actually "kids, teach your parents and teachers weller"... so you'll have to take this one up with noah and tait.

love you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad for you. I remember when I had three in cloth diapers. Only took a week to train Jon when I got back on my feet from having Ben. Tracy's using cloth too on Molly. It is worth it and Tait looks good in his.