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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Things Are Actually Big Things

We have had a couple of generous, kind, souls go about some fundraising on their own to help out with our adoption expenses. Through home business sales (PD), bake sales (TD, BW, LW), one day's wages (CH)...these gifts have accrued! Each time, when being presented with a financial gift the comment, "it's not much but..." accompanies the giving.

But herein lies the kicker: It is much. It is very very much.

Without the smaller gifts, larger amounts would never be attained.

Also, there are a lot of smaller fees. Those smaller costs are all tantamount to our adoption. Simply because one fee is larger than another, doesn't mean it is more important by any stretch.

This morning, Ben and I shared with the church where we are in our journey and what is to come. And on that note - welcome to our blog, if you are new! - it's all very exciting. I was blessed to have engaged in a short conversation with one of these kind people today at the end of our service.

She gifted $265 to us, raised on her own through a home business. The giver told me that compared to what has been raised, "it isn't much". But it is!

Here are a few of our "smaller" name only a few:
  • TB Tests (Ben & Ashleigh): $40
  • RCMP Fingerprinting (Ben & Ashleigh): $50
  • Interpol Ottawa Fingerprinting Fees (Ben and Ashleigh): $50
  • Notary Fees (initial): $25
  • Ethiopian Visa Photos (Ben & Ashleigh): $25.90
  • Immigration & Citizenship Initial Application (for child): $100
This totals $290.90. What a difference the gift offered today will make in helping us. The "little fees" here and there really do add up.

So, Thank You.

Yes, You.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

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Pops said...

Isn't it wonderful to see so many doing so much - and for such a worthy cause.