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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday...In Short


...specialist test results are coming back. the week included few extra visits to local healthcare clinics and the like. nothing 'scary'...just precautionary.

...we are super pleased with levels of vit D and iron...levels uncommon for recently adopted african children...such a blessing! we are suspect of some of the reasons for such fantastic results - and are so pleased about choices we have made regarding her diet and supplements.

...some tests have come back positive and we're not surprised. all things/diagnoses we can (and are!) dealing with simply. and, some things just take time.

...after our experience, i don't feel a specialist should be optional when bringing our children home...especially from developing countries. they are savvy beyond what our GPs would think to look and test for. (if you're looking for a recommendation i've got one to give!)

...tomorrow. halloween. last year was their first - initiation, we'll say. this you well know, we now live in suburbia. we love it. and one round of our block should about fill treat bags. please don't take this as any indication of our giving way to sugar or other refined-like stuff. we are always elated to learn that when our 6 year old comes home from hot dog day he has chosen mustard over ketchup and put the sucker in his backpack that someone in class handed out. but when you live in an area such as ours, it's important your kids don't feel 'ostrasized' from (by) their peers. for them, it's about the dressing up and playing around and letting them be kids. and a treat here or there will be the added bonus.


Anna said...

Glad things are going so well. Gorgeous picture of you and your baby girl!!!

Tee said...

Spoke with a friend with an adopted child from Ethiopia and it sounds like it's a struggle to get GP's just to test for some of the things that a specialist would absolutely know to test a child from an African orphange for.