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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

About The Babe

As we continue to find our rhythm, in so many ways and areas of our life as five, I am continually struck by the leaps and bounds we observe...and I'm just as certain there are as many we aren't noticing.

Makeda continues to grow - those little fingers, thighs, that tush...they're all boasting sweet rolls. The one-size (fits all) cloth diapers will soon need expansion. Only three weeks ago wearing 3-6 month clothing consistently, she now boasts 6-9 month sizing. I'm ecstatic and sad at the same time. My baby. Our baby. She's growing - and while I realize she's still physically slightly behind where (by North American standards) she should be, she seems big(ger) to me.

She's healthier.

I can see this.

Her hair is coming in. The bald patches diminish, the hair thickens everywhere.

Her cheeks. They are round!

Her smile - it's now found it's deep belly chuckle when tickled in just that right spot. Or, should I say spots? Oh, the girl is ticklish.

And she mimics. Oh, can she ever shadow what we are doing.

What this tells me is her language acquisition and vocabulary are growing in leaps and bounds.

She continues to eat like a grown man. (We'll be surprised if Monday's visit to the specialist doesn't confirm our suspicion of parasites.) And she'll eat anything. "Real" people food. Suppers pureed are thoroughly enjoyed...tuna casserole, scalloped potatoes, guacamole. She loves it all.

But keep eggs the heck away.

Unless you'd like to experience a scream which I am sure only most dogs can hear, don't waste your time, energy, or money on givin' the girl eggs. For the love, don't do it.

Since coming home we've started her on a regime of DHA and pro-biotics to which we attribute some of her (noticeable/unnoticeable) development.

And the poop...well, it's getting better. And the days it's great, I rejoice and smile as the cloth diapering is even more enjoyable on those days. But regardless, I love it. Love it. (The diapers...not so much the poop.)

Her twelve hour nightly stints continue also. She'll wake about one night a week for a bottle but otherwise we all sleep through. Mercifully. Her naps also continue at around two and a half hours.

We attribute a lot of our successful sleeping patterns to Babywise. We read and practiced many of the teachings in this book with our boys and while we've been exceedingly cautious to prioritize bonding and attachment over some of the methods suggested in this book, there are many exercises we have embraced. Written by a Pastor, endorsed MD it also embraces the habits and health of the family we strive to be.

{friends at last!}

She continues to skootch forward on her tummy when motivation (ah hem, the iPad/iPod) presents itself.

The boys continue their lives, their days, playing, schooling, and routines, as if she's always been here. The adjustment for them...from two to three...there's no possible way it could have gone any more smoothly. They love her. Adore her. Call her sweet baby. Snot face. (It's endearing, really.) I hear sweet girl and cutie pie too. These, coming especially from the mouth of a four year old, are to be bottled up and stored.

There is nothing more genuine.

And, Il pause some days.

In the midst of a chore, preparing a meal, rubbing teeny curls moisturizer into coarse ringlets, awaiting a diaper being brought from upstairs as I didn't realize I had run out, as I look in my rear view mirror at the reflection staring back.

And I wonder how it could ever possibly get any better than this.

It doesn't.

I'm certain.


darci said...

she is perfect!! i am happy every single time i read your blog lately. :) and especially happy today...
SO, I am THRILLED to read you did baby wise..we did with all three of our girls and it is so so great...but i have been wondering how that works in with attachment, etc...any advice is more than welcome...MORE than welcome. :) I didn't get your pm....sob. :) she is beautiful...and yes! yea! we can have our babies play together...remind me how close in age they will be?

Katie said...

thanks for the sweet update!

on the subject of eggs, the ONLY way Owen will eat them is if we cook a little grated apple in oil and then pour just the egg yolk over top (sometimes 2) and cook it like an omelette. worth a try :)

Katie said...

Rejoicing with you!! What a gift.

Anna said...

I love how you are just over joyed with every little thing about your sweet baby girl! Gratitude in all things!! I too am a HUGE fan of Babywise!!

emily said...

This is beautiful Ashleigh! I remember that deep gratitude when moses came home and you just can't believe they are HERE! So amazing.

She is so precious, love all the photos! What a cutie.

Niki said...

Glad you are all enjoying this beautiful little girl God has brought into your family! What a blessing that the adjustment has been so smooth with ALL members of the family. She is absolutely precious!

I DO NOT feel the same way about the Babywise curriculum, after reading it and doing a lot of reading about it and its author. It looks like I am outnumbered here though, and so I trust that you parenting instincts and experience are going to counter the things I am not a fan of. (Hope I am okay to say this. Not offense meant, I just get my back up when I read about Babywise.)