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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Safe In Addis

We arrived last night.

Our two flights were as smooth, (including the only two hour layover in Frankfurt) as one could ask for. No delays. Great food...apparently Luftansa's meal plan includes short ribs among other yummy offerings. If ever you take a long haul flight and they are in the running, fly with them.

Visa purchasing, immigration, baggage, and then baggage clearing all went very smoothly and quickly. We arrived at our Afro Land Lodge guest house around 10pm. We were asleep by midnight-ish...heavy on the ish for some of us, but there's nothing a little sleeping aid can't help, right?

The noises we can hear from our (beautiful, large!) room include a rooster, dogs, and a mosque screaming out sometime around 5am briefly roused me. Ear plugs are a fantastic investment (especially when they are free!). I have to say, however, I am loving the noises. Each and every one. Okay, the rooster could shut up for a few minutes but even it symbolizes something.

{the view from one of our windows...this is the "front yard"
...we believe they are storing many
of their belongings in the car.
a few moments later they were washing their dishes in a plastic basin
between the car and the laundry line}

The noises, smells (good and not-so-fragrant), the sights, it's all part of our journey. I am not annoyed or fussed by the incessant goings on below us. I am aware of it. I am trying to engrain it all in my mind, memorize it all, appreciate it all.

{apparently the best way to keep your satellite dish attached to the roof...this method is a common
sight from our room's view}

Internet (wireless) is slow, hit and miss...but available. So, as I am able I will post.

Tomorrow or thursday we will meet The Reason for our journey. We met with friends this morning who are returning home with their sweet 10mth old bundle and they saw our babe yesterday. She is long (if you know us, you'll find the irony in that 7 months she is apparently longer than our friends' nearly 10mth old). Her little legs are just that...petite. Her hair...she has a head of beautiful curls. And these are some of the reasons I know she is meant for us.

Keep checking in. I'll do the same, and post whenever I can...and by that I mean whenever I can access the internet. I'll go into more detail on our excursion this morning and just some of the culture we experienced.

And please, please keep praying.


Sidney said...

I can't wait to read about you impressions of what we have recently gone through. You even are taking the same pictures out of your window that I did when I stayed on the 4th. The screaming is a Muslim call to prayer that happens 5 times a day for the Mosque down the block.

Lola said...

aghh!!!! You're there. Thank you for posting. I'm praying.

Jennifer said...

so glad to hear you got there okay!! I'm soooo excited for you guys!!!
I too was happy to hear the sounds until day 4ish-HAHAHA!!!--then I was like 'okay...I've heard it already'-hahaha!-praying for you guys that meeting your 'BIG' girl will be amazing, and that court is a breeze!!

BCMommy said...

Have a wonderful, safe trip! Can't wait to hear about your meeting with your sweet girl!!!

Speaking of internet, I am assuming everyone can access Blogger now? I remember a time when Blogger seemed to be blocked but it seems like everyone is able to use it, or has found a way around it. Is it working like normal there?

Best of luck in the days ahead!!!!


Anita Schimke said...

YAH! So happy for you to finally be there. Enjoy every minute - I hope it all goes well!

darci said...

Oh Ashley..I can't wait to read of your meeting with wonderful that you are intentional about just soaking it all remember, and experience, and FEEL it all..praying, excited for you. darc