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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nothing Concrete

To be as certain as I can, the only detail(s) I can accurately relay is that there is nothing solid, concrete, or confirmed as far as (m)any of the summer closures are concerned.

My main sources are US agencies as there are so many of them...they have more staff on the ground...and they are seemingly able to be more vocal. That said...the reports are here, there and everywhere. Trust me, I've done my research.

Some agencies are telling their families that MOWA and the courts are trying to clear their dockets before the (courts) break for the rainy season.

Some agencies are telling their families that there will be nothing happening during the closures. Yes, MOWA will continue to write letters but none will be processed until the courts re-open in late Sept. (This date seems to fluctuate between Sept 19 and 26, also.)

Some agencies are telling their families that there will be staff remaining in the courts to process the files 'outstanding' before the closures...but no new ones.

Some agencies are telling their families that the staff will continue to work "full/regular" hours throughout the rainy season, processing files for all families who appeared before the closures, but no new cases will be heard until courts re-open.

All the agencies through whom I glean this info are solid just seems that no one really knows...

The most recent dates (as of today) that I have read, whose files MOWA is currently writing letters for (wow, that was awkward) is anywhere from June 30 to July 4. A quick recap: we were in court July 15. Our BM had court several days prior to our appointment and we are seeking any sort of comfort we can, in that small detail alone. That's a lot of days of files to process between now and August 5th...the only date we know of for certain...the day courts close for the rainy season.

All this info is enough to make a girl's head spin. And through it all, I know we have no control. We have done as much as we tangibly can. We are continuing to pray constantly, consistently, (begging as much!). And yet we need to rest, knowing that the time is already determined.

Thanks for continuing to pray fervently with us.

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Anna said...

Agh, so many unknowns! There is One who does know and it's in His hands. Keeping you in my prayers.