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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Entoto Mountain...A 3200m Climb

I am yearning to post about our afternoon but I have to get our Entoto Mountain experience down first before it passes by. (I have to apologize for the quality of most of the photos - they are all taken from inside our vehicle while on the move.)

After the Entoto market we continued the 3200m climb to the summit of Entoto Mountain. Known for it's eucalyptus trees and even more so the Women Fuelwood Carriers, the drive was amazing. The view from the top reminded me, further taught me, drilled into me, the true beauty found in the rich history and amazing culture of our daughter's birth country.

Briefly, the women who are known for carrying these branches of eucalyptus trees will often walk for one to two days to descend the mountain with their loads, in order to earn a living...this is how they feed their families.

The roads are not easy, smooth or truthfully, all that inviting. In fact, we passed the spot the taxis stop, hundreds (perhaps a thousand even) of kilometers before reaching the summit. The road is too treacherous for taxis.

Yet, just like most everywhere else in the world the children who live up Entoto Mountain play together, in the streets.

Houses line the streets, too. Just of a slightly different construction material.

These boys approached us as we slowed to enjoy the view. Our friend M told us he'd chat to them for a few minutes so I could take their photo. They thought it was pretty funny. This is my favourite shot.

You can (or perhaps you cannot) imagine having to hike with dozens of kilos of wood on your the heat of an African day. Faces weathered, they have no choice but to continue the climb up and down in order to put food in the mouthes of their babes.


Anna said...

We have similar pictures of the women carrying the firewood, but I don't like looking at them too much; so sad. Great picture of the boy at the window!

Jennifer said...

Great photos--Rich had to go to Entoto Mountains by himself as I had to stay close to the lodge washroom ;) He didn't take any photos like this, so these are just amazing, and powerful!