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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meet Mae

A friend and I went in together on a pdf pattern a couple weeks ago. Not because it would have set us back a huge chunk of change but...well...why not? Cheap gets cheaper when you split it, right?

I started Mae last night and finished her this morning. Granted she is the first, and a bit of a test but still I'm pleased with how she turned out. Those thin arms are tough to stuff, I have to say! And, though her little pigtails are slightly (accidentally) lopsided, when deciding whether to stitch-rip, un-stuff, stitch-rip a little more, then re-pin, re-sew, and re-stuff, then re-seam, I asked the boys what they thought.

"Oh no, Mama! You should leave it. It's more real that way," they replied in agreement with each other. (That was one of the only things they agreed upon today!)

Enough said. Plus, the bows hide a bit of the lop-sidedness.

The biggest dilemma is wondering how many things I can pack and bring to our wee one (for her care package) before I'm cut off. I think I'll leave Mae home...just in case.

And on that note, I'm not a huge fan of the name do you have a suggestion?

I'd be up for an Ethiopian name if you've got one would seem appropriate. For now though, she'll remain Mae. Little ones love these dolls as they are not only soft but the thin legs and arms make them easy to grasp, carry, or drag all over the place. So, my hope is that she will be well loved upon, drooled on, and cared for.

And while we're on the topic of The Care Package (what, you weren't following along?), I figured since the sheets are freshly washed, (too personal?) and we leave in a teeny tiny bit over a week, tonight would be a great night to put M's blanket in our bed.

It is still surreal to know that soon, very soon, she'll smell us - begin to sense us, she'll see us (photos comprise part of the package) - begin to know us.

All this will begin to unravel in a teeny tiny bit over a week.


Kelly said...

I love Mae,she is just the right size for cuddling! Your boys encouragement to you is so sweet!
I like your idea of sleeping with your daughters blanket,your scent will be familiar to her when she snuggles in to you.
I am getting excited for your family... you are sooo close.
Praying for you,
Kelly (DTE Oct.08)

J. said...

My daughter has a rag doll we bought in Ethiopia and she calls her "Lem Lem" which is an Ethiopian name meaning blossom. I think its cute.

Anna said...

That's adorable!!! Very inspiring (I need to get out my sewing machine)!! Mae is a cute name, although so is Lem Lem! We also slept with the things that we sent to Deborah. One of the best things that we sent was a stuffed crib pull noise toy (does that make sense)? She not only loved the familiarity of it when we took her home, but the familiar music was also a comfort to her. She still sleeps with it every night! Sounds like you might not have room for any more things, though?!!
Exciting, exciting!!