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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Thoughts at Thirty One months into this wait...

  1. For goodness sakes!!! (Sorry, I had to rant and now that I have it out of my system I'll be a little more rational about the whole thing...but I'm only human people and thirty-one months is a stinking long time to wait...actually, I think we may be near the top of the longest waiters. Not that I'm looking for bragging rights. No sir. I'd gladly pass that achievement onto someone Takers??)
  2. A friend reminded me ever so kindly and oh so gently the other day to take heed..."so I sent messengers to them with this reply: "I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you?". Yes, my heart needed that. Thank you friend.
  3. It's Easter. I'll say it again, it is Easter. Four days of family. Eggs (urg - too many darn eggs). Projects (oh! the projects we are getting done around here...more to follow). Sun (for this we are so very grateful). But it's so much more isn't it? Those are the little things. The worldly details. "Mama, do you know who loves you?" one small four year old whispers as he holds the world's biggest secret in the sweetness of his breath. He cups his hands around my ear and ever so gently whispers, "Jesus loves YOU!!". With such joy he divulges his secret and with such purity in the words, he wants us all to know. It's Easter.
  4. Our Homemade Fruity Marshmallows can be found here. I would highly recommend beating them longer than the recipe calls for. Oh - and they'll keep forever. This isn't tried, tested, and true but I'm quite certain that with that much sugar they will definitely keep. I still can't believe we made them. It was more for the activity than the product.
  5. Specifically speaking, I need to ask you to pray. Yes again - or still. The details need not be known here and we know God's timing is perfect but we ask again, will you please please pray for His perfect timing. There are some things, on the cusp of this great journey which will come to a head soon and in His time...we will possibly see them through, hiccup free. (Ha! you say...hiccup free?! You must be pulling my chain.) We hold fast to His will and sovereignty through it all, yet continue to ask right now for His Perfect Timing.
There are some thoughts at thirty-one months of waiting for one small, sweet child to enter in and change our family in ways which we can not even fathom, regardless of how hard we try.

I can't wait.


arnie&bekah said...

I feel your pain, the waiting game is not think that we would get better at it with time! I pray for you that when the time is right, you will see God's plan, his perfect, better than ours, plan. It will be beautiful, messy and just right as it unfolds!!

Anna said...

Oh, I know the wait is so hard. I have been praying for you and I will continue to pray for you and for God's perfect timing. I will pray too that God will give you peace. I can't wait to hear the exciting news some day (soon)!

shannon said...

Hi Ashleigh,
Waiting here with you , each day feels so strange I am not even sure how to put it into words but seeing as you are right here with me I guess I do not have too.
Thinking of you
I guess I am at 30 months if you are 31 !