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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little Peace And Quiet

I think a little quiet may present itself for the next while. Not because there's anything to share or needing our time to process, but rather the opposite. There's not much to share at this moment and a break can be good.

We're all enjoying the comforts of home - a washer that cleans our clothes, a stove with more than one burner, and a regular sized fridge - and being back is always good. Mission Of Tears officially took over Imagine's clients' files yesterday and while all is quiet on the western front, we're praying that the transition - regardless of how it is currently perceived - is smooth. Yes, there'll likely be hiccups and bumps as new hands and minds undertake all.these.families. Yet we are trying to remain calm, patient, and prayerful as we await our moment.

Our time will come. There are so very many details imminent to occur prior to, as well as after our life changing, blink-of-an-eye, preeminent call. And awaiting those - the unknown of it all - makes my stomach churn. Nevertheless, through it all we must remind ourselves that He is sovereign and that our moment, our wait, our details, our lives are all under His control. And we must rest easy in that.

Easier said than done...but we must rest safely, calmly, easily in His grip.

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Anna said...

Enjoy your peace and quiet and rest under the safety of His wings.