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Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter weekend was great. Lots of project time...perhaps a little too much for the little people but we have been able to get an absolute ton done...and we even enjoyed the sun to boot. All in all, a success. Now, if we could only completely eradicate whatever virus seems to be plaguing one of the little people, life would be fab. It's not hugely awful but won't go away and just down right annoying.

I love that our kids both get the true reason for Easter. They each have slightly different versions but they are both based on fact and the level of understanding at which they are at.

The eggs and the hunt were fun too. Highlights included seeing the older little person exit the bus Wednesday with his basket in hand, eggs inside.

"How many did you eat?" I asked. Prepared to hear that while there were four chocolate foil eggs and two jelly beans left, there must have been at least double that to start.

"None, Mama" he solemnly answered.

"What?! Are you telling the truth?" I inquired. Not that my kid would purposefully lie...but you know...he's five...and we're talking chocolate here.

"Yes!! I gave one to 'so-and-so' on the bus but I didn't eat the others because they have sugar and I don't want to get sick."

Bless his sweet sweet heart.

Sunday morning as I peered over the landing at the top of the stairs, I could see one blonde mop top fiddling with eggs right around the area I'd already hidden a stash for their hunt. Upon confirming with him that he was not, in fact already starting the hunt - it's a family affair around here and starting early wouldn't be right - he replied that he was hiding his, "for you and Daddy".

Melt my heart.

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FTD said...

thanks for melting my heart with this (and every) post :)
Happy Easter my dear friend