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Friday, April 29, 2011

Many Hands Make Light Work

In an attempt to maintain my sanity at the end of (for some unknown reason) a hairy, frustrating day yesterday, I decided to make supper prep a family affair. Involving the kids in what we make (and clean up!) is so huge in their development, appreciation of the effort that goes in to each meal, and their enjoyment and understanding of food in general.

A couple of weeks ago at lunch time, I told Noah I just didn't feel like making supper that night...did he want to give it a go. After looking at me as though I'd just grown a second head, he asked me if I was for real. I was indeed. So he "made" supper that evening - with a bit of help - and enjoyed it more than usual, I would say. Last night I thought another round of do-it-yourself was in order.

I found a great simple recipe which was awesome at including the kids and somewhat healthy...and most definitely a favourite around here: chicken strips.

{did you know a rolling pin mades an excellent substitute for a mallot?}
I didn't have any chicken breast but do enjoy a challenge so I simply skinned and deboned a couple thighs, we threw 'em in ziplocks and hammered away at them. Then I sliced them. Following that, we grabbed a handful of crackers and they each had a go at whacking them into crumbs. The kids each then took several turns flouring, egging, and finally cracker-coating our strips.

{it works better when you stick out your tongue}
They were described by one small five year old child as "better than the real thing, Mama!". Hmmm, glad we can make them better than store bought...healthier too. Our "fries" were homemade sweet potato fries which are hands down a huge hit every.time.we.have.them around here - and oh so good for growing boys.

Oh - and as far as bickering (the theme of the day yesterday) we conquered that, too.

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John and Andrea said...

So fun Ashleigh!! I'm excited for when I have more patience again and a little boy more able to join me in projects like this!! Hey, email me if you are available on May 6 for another visit from my little man...