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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome, September

As we bid goodbye to the wonderfully warm month of August, I eagerly anticipated the start of a new month, as my head hit the pillow last night.

A summer of new enjoyment over many old things, we pulled out the sprinkler for one last go yesterday. Relishing in the heat that brings out nakedness in little boys, we also anticipated the events of our month to come.

While our summer is definitely not over - we're still housing 409 large campers until Sunday - we can feel fall in the air and see proof, thanks to the maple leaves on the grass.

September holds for our 5th annual trip to the States. The boys are more excited than ever and we will savour every moment, knowing that it will likely be our last, as school will dictate more of a schedule in one year's time.

September is bursting with adoption information. For good (!!) or bad, this month promises to bring conclusion to the pit-of-unease which moved it's way into my stomach many week ago. And of course, there is hope. Always hope. There is a positive "feel" to the words of the FIA and while this in no way promises a sealed deal, it does encourage us to push forth and know that there are hundreds, (thousands even!) are pushing forth and holding out hope with and for us.

We anticipate the restructuring proposal mailed by the end of this week. (Please, please be in the mail at the end of the week!) After that, time will fly and time will tell.

We'll keep you posted.

Enjoy your 1st of September.

May it bring feelings of anticipation of what your new year will bring.


Yours Truly said...

Oh I love your little naked men. I can't wait til mine is at that stage!

We continue to pray for you and all of the families awaiting news on your children. Keep the faith.

~ Katie

Lola said...

Work it Tait!

Even though I'm a lousy commenter, I'm still checking in on you guys all the time. And still praying.


Dana said...

I'm also praying for you and think of you very often.

Can I ask a question though? If things are good to go will you be still be anticipating the same schedule as before (meaning a referral in October-ish) or will it be as if this time of unknown will take the same chunk of time out of your wait?

Praying that it'll go by quickly no matter how long it takes.

You're inspirational!

Mel said...

Praying for you guys still Ashleigh! Hahah even more now that I'm waiting to be with my kids too (different visa got denied) but I 'm reminded to pray for you all the more often now! And ohhhh my your boys are to to cute! I remember you posting before about how the summer will just fly by, it seems it has!

John and Andrea said...

Have fun down south, if you get a chance give us a call and drop by. We are hoping right along with you for good news soon!