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Friday, September 18, 2009

It Must Be Fall

It wouldn't feel like September if the counter wasn't overflowing with freshly picked apples from down the road, jars (oh! the jars), an apple mill and a filthy stovetop from all the simmering over.

Following the apples will be pears (ever had my pear sauce? - phenominal - toot toot), then more apples (which, don't worry folks), will be folded into pies. Many many many pies. This year the helpers will be even more helpful than last. The mess likely greater, too.
It will be worth it.

And yesterday boasted playmates of the four-legged breed.

Everyone was exhausted from the incessant running around.
It was great.

Who knew four-legged friends were as fun as the two-legged variety?

We'll miss you Toban, Bryony, Nova, and Harvey.


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