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Friday, September 18, 2009

TGI Capital F

It's Friday afternoon at the end of the first week back.

Noah's yelling at the top of his lungs. I'm happy he is at least playing outside...though the third world war may break out any second - I have my bets on Tait for this one.

I can only count down the minutes until Daddy comes home and I have backup. Supper boasts a superb frozen pizza (thanks, Mum!) as it's all I have in me to chop up some extra veggies for the top. The week wasn't all bad as we started to feel our way in to our new normal. This always happens at the end of a summer. Everyone a bit older, realizing the fall as actually a new year to us. What activities will be planned, where will we go and what will we do. Swim lessons, walks (the ones where I don't actually have to push them both in the jogger), and other events presented themselves.

Our day was filled with more puppy dog playtime (by only one this time), a sad goodbye to a good friend, baking 3-step kid-friendly pretzel sticks, creating and sewing a button-laden wallet for the younger one to make up for the one given to the older one. (It's got character, not unlike it's new owner.) It will hold his quarters for "Tuck Time" nicely and the dime he earned for bringing the garbage can in from the end of the driveway will be kept safely there, too. (Does any one want to break it to him that Tuck Time won't be realized until next summer?)

The drain of the impending Restructuring Proposal has me all on edge and any bit of emotion and patience I thought may have been dwelling in my being this morning is gone. Interesting isn't it? The wait has got to be a million times harder than the actual outcome - good or bad.

3 sleeps until this, the second Creditor's Meeting in Ontario. This one, as crucial to me as the first. Monday is the day we find out if the...our adoption will see continuation or completion. If you can say a little prayer this weekend - actually a big one, (or several) would be much appreciated, too. Hopefully I'll sleep better on Monday night than I have in the past many.

And though I, in no way plan to wish it away here's to a speedy, enjoyable weekend...followed by a successful Monday.

Who knows, it could be the best day of next week.


shannon said...

It will be a hard night to sleep for sure!
Or how do we pass the time tomorrow morning waiting for the meeting to end ?
great vibes your way
and please keep all your thoughts on a YES vote.
We are so close.
ps there is a great thread on the facebook
Imagine support group called WHY WE VOTED YES

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

Shannon - I commented last week. :)