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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lookin' Up

After starting our day with the numbness of our phenomenal landslide victory over bankruptcy, the boys and I had a long list of things planned. Court is scheduled for September 29. This is mandatory in all bankruptcy cases. We expect to sail through. No promises, but having made it this far we're feeling good. The new agency is expected to begin formal operations October 1st, however, the new Board is working on pressing cases beginning immediately. Apparently the Proposal went to the adoption unit (in Ontario) and the response was that everything looked great, however it would not be passed until the 70 grammatical errors were corrected. I'll take it. Oh - and our new Retainer Agreement should be mailed out within the next 2-3 weeks.

After having felt like this over the past many many weeks,

I couldn't help but smile randomly throughout the day as I was now feeling more like this...

We hit the beach for several hours of fun, sand, and picnic goodness. Tomatoes, cucumber (from the garden!), left over rosemary home-roasted potatoes, pistachios, and pears picked from a friend's yard.

You may notice the French's, as almost no meal of ours is complete without it. I pride myself in knowing that my boys don't know the taste of ketchup and have never had jam. But mustard is a condiment that was introduced early on and was embraced with enthusiasm. No sugar - if you're wondering the rationale.

The day was hot.
Barefoot little boys in the sand kind of hot and we loved it.
(I have a rosy face to prove it.)

And upon arriving home, I was again reminded of the morning's landslide. While you may have purchased a bottle of champagne, I found this more fitting. It's been sitting in the pantry since what Tracy, July?

A rare find from Level Ground, I just finished my first cup.

It was worth the wait.

On both accounts.

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FTD said...

:) so glad you treated yourself to a celebratory cup!