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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nine Months Gestation

Well, if this was a physical pregnancy I would be as big as a house, as grumpy as Eyore, and as tired as a hybernating bear.

Thank goodness this pregnancy is on paper.

Sort of.

We've reached 9 months into our wait today.


I had to double check it on the calendar.

No, I'm not enjoying the wait.

I am enduring it.

I am using it purposefully to embrace things I simply cannot miss.


Growing boys.

Opportunity - it's been knocking, remember?!

And today, marking 9 months into the wait, I received an email reply from our caseworker that was encouraging, exciting, and hopeful.

Right now we still have a few more families in May, but very close to starting June dossiers. So it’s around the 12, 13 month mark.

We continue to pass on referrals. Have seen many very tiny children being referred, 2-4 months old. They’re just beautiful. I’m really looking forward to passing on the good news your way one day. When you see that picture, you’ll know it’ll have been worth the wait. We had a new mom and dad come in yesterday, with their new child. He was just sooo unbelievable cute, just beautiful. Referrals come in fairly regularly, and the courts are running smooth.

I hope you’re keeping busy, to pass the time.

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