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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Have A Story To Share...'s a story about a girl.

I met her one summer and she left an impression. I still remember her bright pink and green rimmed sunglasses - you know, the ones that were pretty much unbreakable. It wasn't just that. She was the type of person to ask any sort of question. Fearless of what other thought, she spoke up when others were simply wondering. She spoke up and stood up for the helpless. She poured her heart into everything she did.

She still does this.

I haven't seen her in a long long time.

We keep in touch...moreso over the past year.

She's served in Africa at an orphanage (or a couple?)...and is now on home turf, still pouring her heart into kids.

She has a true passion for kids and an obvious desire to make a difference.

While encouraging others with comments on their passion, she is actually the superstar.

Thoughtful beyond measure and quick to inspire.

Not only did she pledge the marathon, she is one of those who faithfully offered more than many potentially would. The dollar amount invalid (though extremely helpful!) the motive behind it was the clencher.

Upon reading a post published just a few days ago and after reading Noah's comment about his baby sister's lack of a certain garment, she wasted no time. In less than five days she read, purchased, mailed, and lifted up a Mama-to-be's spirits.

And today, in our post office box arrived the sweetest pair of "Baby Girl Keizer's" first jammies.

I Am Touched

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Lola said...

Oh wow sweet. What a wonderful gift.

And tuck looks so cool with his haircut. Literally.