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Sunday, December 21, 2008

T'Is The Season?

I'm not sure about that.

T'is the season for laughing, sharing, loving, being merry, spending time with loved ones, embracing the once-a-year moments that bring people of all walks together.

T'is also the season to be sick. And, sick we have been. Sparing all details, (you're are truly welcome,)I will say that we have all been sicker than I can ever remember...and some have come full circle and then been sick again. For a person who doesn't succumb to the flu, it took me down. Like a thief in the night. Like our dog to a banana. Like a chocoholic to a good bar of Lindt. It pounced and won. The worst of it is that 5 full days later, our boys are still suffering. (We of course enjoy the spin-off from that.)

(Yes, that is the infamous "barf bowl" nuzzled up to Noah.)
I have to say that though we are housebound by puke and by snow, it is nice that we can be together as a family.

Before this awful infestation temporarily took us hostage, Noah and Ben enjoyed a time of play in the snow. A toboggan was abandoned in our basement by the previous owners and they were finally able to take advantage of our sloping yard and the heavy snowfall.

Frosty, the Bonhomme still stands guard on our deck...

...though 4 days after his creation, he stands blinded by our recent snowfall. We know he can hear all that happens around us, as his ears are sturdy and at attention.

The view from here - though cabin feverish - is peaceful. Reminding me of the blessings we have and those to come. Encouraging me to give thanks for the good and know the bad will grow us stronger.
The tranquility of the white blanket enveloping us is momentary.
My favourite new decoration reminds me of our joy to come and that those who are truly are rich have none. The joyful don't know the material riches this world can hold - and they are better for it.

I hope our tree is decorated plentifully by years to come.

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