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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Tale Of Two Toddlers...And Their Gingerbread Adventures

Well, we did it.

We survived the sugar high and the ensuing crash.

Was it worth it?

Oh Ya.
The boys had a great time eating...ah hem...decorating my definitely-homemade Gingerbread House this afternoon. Gung-ho about it being semi-healthy but knowing it would end on a somewhat "sweet" note, I went shopping this morning for some healthier decorating supplies. I came home with a selection of items but of course I had to get some smarties...for their colour of course. The boys were rooting through my grocery bin when they came across the bag.

"Ohhh" Noah exclaimed.

"Oh Ho Ho!!" Tait shrieked.

I looked away for a second and Tait was sucking on the bag.

I'm serious when I say my kids don't eat much sugar. So much in fact that when Tracy came over with her special treats and decorations - licorice, wafer cookies, animal cookies and teddy grahams...along with coloured marshmallows, ovations and toothpicks - Noah actually had to ask what the licorice was. And, the red/white/green jelly beans I had bought? Nope, didn't know what they were either.

I love that.

Treats should be treats. Not expected. Not anticipated. Surprises. Once-in-awhile. Treats.

I don't think I'm sheltering them because they don't know the terms for different forms of sugar. I think it's awesome that Tait comes up to me while I'm getting supper ready and asks for a chunk of cucumber. And, that for an evening snack they want an apple.

So, because of all of the above and because I wanted this afternoon to be nothing but full of fun, I had prepared myself for the knowledge that my kids would likely put more in their mouths than on the house. I was okay with knowing that supper tonight would likely consist of smarties and marshmallows...oh, and spoonfuls of 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00pm. Those who know me well would know that this was truly a purposeful, mental challenge and exercise for me.

Noah decided early on to make a swing set...
Look closely on the right hand side of the house...two wafers with licorice carefully strung between themAnd, carefully selected bears...

We had a blast...
...and what do you know, Tait asked for a cucumber chunk before supper tonight.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job with the sweets. Wish I was there for the building of the great house. The boys looked liked they enjoyed themselves.


Mel said...

Ashleigh! I love the Teddy Grahams! Your kids at the door! Such a great idea!