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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Those People Who Always Win

You know those people who always win the draws. Even though everyone has an equal chance of winning? Doesn't that drive you nuts? Me too...except when the gift benefits others. 

In all honestly, the draw for who won the prize was completely random. Drawing a piece of paper from a mug doesn't get any more random. family bias. No favouritism. 

In your name, an Olive Tree was purchased through World Vision...

Your gift will provide drought-resistant olive trees for hard-working families in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank. Perfectly suited to areas with scarce water resources, these hardy trees produce a high quantity of quality olive oil that families can sell for income and use for cooking.

1 comment:

Pops said...

Oh, thank you very much Ash! It's certainly not the winning that gives the thrill however (even though it's fun!)'s the thought that the olive tree will go to help a family in real need as they face challenges that most of us can't really fathom. It is a good thing you do - so 'thank you' once again.