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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here We Go...Here We Are


So far it's been good to us.

Scratch that.

So far, it's been nothing but great to us.

How could we not be thankful, grateful, rejoicing, feeling most blessed.

I've been thinking over the past few days, how odd it is that with one turn on the hand of a clock we feel this fresh slate...a new outlook, opportunities perhaps felt or at least perceived in abundance, energy renewed by the advance of a single second, minute, day, year. It's just odd.

How was last Saturday to Sunday any different from the ones before, or the one before that even?

It is though isn't it? Different. New. Exciting.

I'm excited. Not for any reason in particular. The year ahead is promising. Some plans already made bring even more anticipated joy. One small six year old did indeed verbalize his love for this place. Our home. He echoed his Mama's thoughts, as the sun shone on our way to school.

And, as for the goals? The ones that aren't New Year's Resolutions because apparently I don't like those three are they going?

Well, day four and they are great - thanks for asking.

Running: check. Dressing More Care-Fully: well, our last two days of holidays didn't count right? Since the start of school and work, ah hem (that would mean) yesterday, I can say there has been success in the wardrobe department! Doing Something For Makeda's First And Second Families...For Her Orphanage: they have received hard copies (hand delivered!) in abundance. And, in return I have received a photo of their faces (oh the joy) while they looked through them all. They've seen their of their children. They know she is doing well. They know she is thriving. More importantly, they know she is happy and oh, so loved. I hesitate to share said photo. Perhaps another day. It's part of Makeda's story and I'm not sure it's mine to share. Facebook: HA! I laugh in the face of Facebook (and yes, that's another tick on the "it's going great" list). Saying Yes: hmmm, let's just say there's been lots of Take The Cake and Chutes And Ladders going on around here. A few additional deep breaths have been taken and a little less Raised Voice to report. Sugar: well, I never claimed perfection and as soon as all that freaking Christmas goodness is gone, serious strides will be made. Mark my words.

A sweet, sweet friend (and uber talented girl to boot!) came to visit and if you live in the Thunder Bay area or somewhere thereabouts, can I please put in the most fantastic word on behalf of Ilo Photo. What a talented, gracious couple...with four young kids! We were blessed to have (most of) them visit, and enjoy a crazy fast photo shoot. (Like I said, they have four young kids so she knows how to snap quick and quality!) We weren't all able to be there as it was during a work day and so we had a local company take family shots over the break. More of Ilo's work and our other photographer to come...but for now...enjoy this sweet little "oh no! don't let her fall!!!!" shot that makes me smile each time I look it over...

Yes, 2012 has indeed been gracious already.

And we welcome it with open arms and joyful hearts.

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Lola said...

2012 does seem to be pretty swell so far. I can't wait to see more pictures from the photo shoot!