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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The phone rang this morning at 6:43am.

I hate early morning calls.

It almost always means someone is critically ill, injured, or dead.

Sorry for scepticism but it's true.

(Plus, I went to bed late and really wanted those extra few minutes of sleep. But mostly because of the dark thoughts above.)

Turns out, however, when the weather hits a temperature feeling like MINUS 45 (with the wind factor), school around these parts gets cancelled.

Okay, Debbie Downer maybe give the day a chance next time eh?!

On a slightly separate note, in past years (being the practical people that we are) Ben and I have always given each other very useful Christmas gifts. We've done super fun things such as winter tires, a new built in Central Vac (canister), and a wood burning stove. Each year said items have come in fantastically handy. Fantastically.

This year we thought (and purchased) along the same lines for the boys. We figured that seeing as we now live in (what we anticipated to be) such a cold winter climate, we would gift them with something fun yet something to give them a little energy outlet. We got them a (sports package only, as far as they currently know) Wii.


(I can't believe I just said booya.)

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