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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Race

I've been thinking a lot recently (while elbow deep in gingerbread dough, mostly) about the one thing I truly feel this race...our human race...seems to view in a parallel fashion. It always hits me this time of year, but this year more so than in the past. Perhaps it feels closer to home due to much recent change in personal circumstances...the past several months have been ridden with change for this family and we've been forced to grow and stretch in ways never anticipated. All for good. For lots and lots of good and growth...but challenging and paradigm shifting and eye opening nevertheless.

From different cultures, creeds or religions, backgrounds, philosophies, world views, circumstances, joys. Regardless of age, gender, or colour of collar we wear to work. Whether in the sticks or cookie-cutter-ville.

We all, I believe - or rather, feel I have observed - maintain one paralleled worldview.

And, it is that of equality or rather, justice of (and for) our race...our species. Provision. Supercilious of our motivation, there seems to be a trend, passion, ache, desire to provide for those who cannot do so for themselves. This is obviously apparent in the journey of adoption and becomes more apparent of course in the months leading up to Christmas which, tragically for many is of course a season of frivolous greed. Of course whenever we see a natural disaster, instinct takes over and we see this desire to provide and seek justice prevail as well.

And I just think it's really...well...interesting. We are able to put aside our differences...different try and provide and seek survival on behalf of those unable.

Motivation different. From a giant, long spectrum. Yet goals and desires meet. Many working together for the better good. For our kind.

I know this is true because if I had a dollar for every person (regardless of their beliefs, background, or whereabouts) who put this up on Facebook, I'd be one rich Mama.

Wouldn't it just be surreal if we could assimilate perspective and cooperate on more than this solitary reality? I wonder somedays how that would look. How would the world change. How the human race become, well, better. I think I will always wonder that.

And I wonder what it is that we all must innately possess, that makes us so intrinsically and acutely aware of the realities that are becoming the norm. And I wonder how we all know it's so bad and so wrong and so desperate. And I wonder how we all long to do something, anything for this one cause - this one calamity - regardless of pretty much anything else. And I wonder what it is I can do, to make the ache of feeling helpless go away. When faced with such a Goliath, don't you wonder what effective means you can offer? The options are endless, really.

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Sharla said...

so true...all of it.