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Friday, December 23, 2011

It's My Birthday. I Have Wrinkles.

Today's my birthday.

I don't share that for a bunch of well wishes (feel free...but that's not the point).

I don't share it so I get a bunch of "oh, you poor girl - so close to Christmas".

I looked the other day in the mirror...or maybe it was a photo...whatever.

What I saw: Wrinkles.

(Yep, with a capital "W".)

What?! Uh huh. True story. Crow's feet, are they called? Yes, mainly crows feet.

Either way, they're there. And, barring needles, injections, and a large bill following, they're not going anywhere. In fact, I'm quit certain they are here to multiply. And I have to say, I actually take comfort in them. (That's not a request for more or an anticipated peek into the future, rather it's the truth of the matter.)

I like them because each one tells a story, each one holds a moment in the history of my life. Each one depicts an emotion - which means there have been many. And they've been real. Mainly, I love them because when I smile they are exaggerated. Which means, hopefully, I smile a lot.

Not enough. I know I don't smile and giggle and deep-in-my-gut-laugh, enough. But it happens. From time to time and that's so very good and healthy and in that I take great comfort.

It's comforting because over the last several years there have been many (!) moments of fear, stress, and uncertainty and well, some days not so much joy. But if we - if I - only get one shot at know, this phenomenon we call Life...then I want to make the wrinkles. I want proof that there's been joy and that each year is to be celebrated and each moment lived like it won't be experienced again. Because truthfully, it won't right?

So here's to 32. (What?! You have wrinkles at 32?! I know, right!)

May it be a fantastic year.

May more wrinkles form - be formed!

May joy multiply.

May purpose - my purpose - be continually found and lived.

May there be more deep-in-my-gut-laughing.


Papa/Grandpa said...

I think I know my wrinkles and on you they look good. Happy Birthday and many more.

Love Papa

Dana said...

Happy, Happy birthday! To you and your wrinkles. I hope you get lots more this year ;)
Enjoy your day with your family of 5!!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Ashleigh! I hope you have a great day.

Love your writing on your wrinkles! (just in case, I have an answer for decreasing the number you continue to get - haha and it requires no needles!) :)

And also Merry Christmas in two days! Can't say it today as today is Birthday Day!!!

Kim DeEll

darci said...

Happy happy birthday! (you young thing!) I LOVE laugh lines...I hope to end up with lots and lots... Have a great birthday:)

Anita said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 35 three days ago and I share your pain. :-) I have noticed a few (5?) grey hairs (I can't believe it!) and started pulling them out. I have now decided I'll have to stop that or I will go bald! Happy Birthday!

Anna said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I had my birthday 2 weeks ago. It was bitter sweet (last year of the 30's). Thanks for the encouraging post regarding the inevitable- wrinkles!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family of 5!!!