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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Lull

Excuse the quiet. I actually do have some more intense topics to share but they mean time and that, I just don't have in abundance at this moment.

The lull is due largely to vomit, laryngitis (energy decrease due to said illness), that fun snow, Christmas makings - can't wait to work on more as soon as any sort of time presents itself - this could be in the form of the wee hours of the morning, Daddy heading slightly west for a few days and a desire, therefore, to pack our schedule more than usual. (Which by the way, I love. Busyness = Happiness.)

Yes, apparently when there is one less adult on the scene I feel the need to up the anti and pack our days. It's fun. Tiring. Yet, distracting. Plus, when it involves a lot of gingerbreading (yes it requires a tense at this time of year), what's not to love.

{several of these wee ones have made their way through my machine recently...}

That is all part of tomorrow's fun. Today is cleaning and baking and rolling and cutting in preparation.

Oh and tests. They do take up a lot of time, those tests. There's lots of studying taking place in these parts - and if you think I'm talking about anyone other than one small first grader, you're wrong.


darci said...

Love the pix! Love your projects! Can't wait to see more :)
You have way more snow than we do! Hard to play outside it seems when it's cold but no snow!

Anna said...

Great pictures! Send some of your snow to our province. Hope you are feeling better.