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Thursday, August 11, 2011

There Was A Shower

Planned weeks ago, the cherry on top of our email Friday night was a shower to celebrate our referral and the (soon to be) imminent arrival of our daughter.

Our. Daughter.

{can you see it?
that's the injera and wat as part of the incredible spread.
and you can't beat the setting or the view huh?!}
{i love feet jammies...definitely something i've been missing as our boys have grown older}

It would have been a blessing regardless. Many friends who've prayed for us for years, some who traveled just for this special party made it incredible.

{i could stare at this photo all day.
when i think of the hours of love and attention and prayer that went into these items:
the blanket, smocks, dress, bell cubes, hand knit wool sweater and longies
...[i can't wait to pull those up over cloth diapers!]...
i can do nothing but grin}

But the email made it all that much sweeter. And what a night we had. And what incredibly generous friends we have.

{taking a break from helping to gift open...}

It couldn't have been a more perfect group, more thoughtful group, more supportive group.

Now we need to bring her home and continue to shower her with love in abundance. Come on final stages...let's journey through this in prayerfully powerful, record breaking time.

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Gretta said...

It was a joy and an incredible blessing to be a part of making that evening special. You are all so well loved.