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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Birth Certificate

I prayed specifically and boldly last night for something. I needed some tangible information that progress is being made.

I checked my email this morning, nearly cringing as I clicked into the hotmail account.


So, I scanned a few other sites I frequent daily and was about to head up for a shower. I thought I'd hit the weather site as, though it is August it's looking and feeling like September, but I would really like to wear something other than pants. Accidentally (really, it was) my hand automatically hit the lower left tab which is my email.

And there it was.

Her birth certificate.

Her father's name: Ben. (Okay, not quite that simple...but you get the picture.)

Her mother's name:'s the part where I actually can't tell you what it says (though we all really do know) because every time I get to that line the tears blur my vision. I'm gonna go with Ashleigh though.

We are the official, official parents to one small Ethiopian born princess.


{i was holding out...this is another photo of a photo we were allowed to take while at the orphanage.
isn't she amazing.
we feel so blessed to have these from her baby-hood}


Kelly said...

Love it...God is so good!
Can't wait to hear more good news!

Kelly #59

elsie hiebert said...

YAY for you guys. One more step closer.

Amy Robert said...

Beautiful Blessing!!

Katie said...

Ahhhhh!!!! God is good indeed.

Joy said...


Tammy said...

I was told that if you have the birth certificate then the adoption order has already been completed. We were never emailed the adoption order, just the b/c and passport. Just wanted to let you know that you are even closer than you think! Hee hee!

Anna said...

Congratulations! More things just making it that more real!! So exciting! She's beautiful!