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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stuck Somewhere In The Middle

I'm stuck in the middle of a "how do I top that last post" thought, with "I have to post something, there are a million things running through my mind" and then there's a little "I don't want to post just to blab and post but I feel like maybe there are details I'm leaving out" and some "I am praying like a madwoman for a(nother) super speedy visa with our name on it but don't want to seem ungrateful for the most incredible grace-filled journey thus far" thrown in.

Oye. It's all enough to make my head spin.

And all the questions - the wondering about timing, the fleeting concerns about details I've missed or overlooked to ensure everything can go as smoothly on our end as possible, and incessant praying for fast fast fast visa processing - they won't change the outcome, will they.

I should have learned by now, His timing is perfect.

A couple items we cannot wait to see invade our inbox at any given day include a certain birth certificate, a court order document, a passport, and then the ever-anticipated call announcing our visa. (Visa call = get on a plane as soon as possible. Oh - and don't forget to breathe.) Each of those steps will proceed the other. They don't all come at once and seem to vary in timing from one family to the next. Please pray for lightening speed. We need her home to add a little meat to her bones, a little extra touch to her skin, and more joyous shrieking within our four walls.

I mean it.

In the meantime, there was one fantastic shower held on our behalf on Saturday. The date had been arranged well ahead of time, regardless of court or MOWA outcome. But celebrate we did on Saturday!!! What a way to rejoice in the elation of our Friday night email.

The details that went into the shower were perfect...tags around the veranda each holding an important piece of information about Ethiopia, injera and wat as part of the incredible spread on the nibblies table, more handmade, homemade, and consigned gifts than one girl could have ever asked for. (These were at my my opinion these are the best...and keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum...well, why not!?) A few very special items our daughter will love when she is older and can appreciate the story behind.

So now we continue to wait. The week's been awesome. A friend and her babe are here visiting from far away and that too made Friday night most memorable. She was here when we made the decision to adopt so having her here when we completed this step was pretty much epic. (Some of us handle excitement more vocally than others - this was pretty intense...I love it!)

Common Visa.

Oh - and I think I'm buying her carseat tomorrow. Whoa.


Jennifer said...

I almost cried when I bought Job's carseat!!!--It was an amazing feeling!!!
BTW-just got word that they sent our documents today by DHL to Nairobi!!!--EEKSS!!!!

Sarah said...

Fingers crossed for a speedy visa!

Lola said...

I mean, come on, who wouldn't scream?