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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's Next: A Summary

I've had a lot of friends and family ask what's next.

What do we do now to prepare to head over to Ethiopia? What paperwork must we complete before going? What do we need to present when we are there? What do we do while we are there? How is this all going to work?

So, I thought I'd take a few moments to jot down thoughts and replies, as best I can. Knowing that I've not done this before and I only know what I know from agency information, friends' experience, and personal awareness/research.

Here we go...bear with me this could be long-winded.

Currently we are
  • booking flights
  • getting ready for vaccinations (tomorrow)
  • finalizing accommodation in Ethiopia
  • preparing travel lists (thanks friends for all your help!...this in itself is deserving of a giant post but I will spare you - you're welcome)
  • registering with foreign affairs
  • preparing donations (would you like to help? we would be honoured. if so, please email me for details. regardless of our friendly canada post people we can make this feasible. regardless of your proximity to us, we can make this feasible. what we are saying is that if you want to donate to our daughter's orphanage we can make this feasible.)
  • preparing lists for two small boys who will be staying with their Nana and Pops
  • diving head-first into the start of summer staff training and camp...whoa!
  • not sleeping so much
What we anticipate
  • arriving jet-lagged but full of anticipation
  • taking a couple days prior to court during which we will enjoy parts of Addis
  • meet our daughter in her current orphanage (prior to court...maybe this was obvious)
  • going to federal court (july 15)
  • if we pass we will take a day and then we will visit our daughter in the transition home (take some photos and enjoy some time with her) then head home
  • if we do not pass we will take a couple more days to explore Addis and then head home
Where the nerves tend to rule
  • that we will remember everything and prepare all we need to bring/register/prepare (that seems random...there are just so very many details)
  • there's no certainty that we will pass court. we have done all we can to complete our paperwork and there's nothing in that area that needs any attention as far as court is concerned. we are nervous that we may not receive our MOWA letter (ministry of women's affairs) which would support our adoption. this would be a (common?) reason we may not pass. please please be in huge prayer for that
What's next
  • we will return home
  • if we passed court we will now be in the immigration wait...this can take 8-12 weeks...sometimes longer sometimes shorter
  • if we did not pass court we do not need to reappear, however, another court date will (likely) have been set for us and we will wait for our agency to call us about whether or not we passed. once we do pass, immigration begins
How you can be in prayer
  • continued health of our babe
  • for our health and safety as we travel
  • that all of our paperwork is complete and done to standards
  • that our MOWA letter is provided and that we PASS the first time
  • that we can fully embrace Addis and maximize our time in our daughter's country of birth
  • that we would rest in the knowledge that God is in control
  • that our kids at home are safe, healthy, (behaving!), and having the time of their lives with their Nana and Pops

For now, I think that sums it up. Thank you for your continued support, prayer, and friendship.

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