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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ramp It Up...

It's not that I am ungrateful. It's not that we don't, for one second, forget the gratitude we felt just over five weeks ago (and continue to feel, daily). It's not that it is in any way unpraiseworthy. It isn't that I am greedy. It's not that we are selfishly demanding.

But there's a need to ramp up all that prayer, already being lifted on our behalf...and on behalf of a small child...our small child currently (in all likelihood) waking, half way across the world.

Because when we read, "she had very slender arms and legs - and small hands and feet - oh, she is a doll!" but can't see it first hand, that is so very hard.

And when I soak in the words, "I didn't hear a peep from her, so you have a typical Ethiopian little girl," I just want to scream loud enough to know she's heard that we are coming.

And all she needs to do is hold on a little longer.

To stay strong.

To continue to gain health.

To fight off germs.

To eat lots.

To continue to roll.

To soak in her surroundings in sweet silence.

And we need to go.

We need to be there.


We need to go soon.

So we need our court date.

And in order to be there soon we need a date really really miracle-like soon.

So we need to ask for the masses to pray. For you to pray. Because we feel it's been prayer that's carried us and it's going to be prayer that will continue to do so.

We need our phone to ring like yesterday. Monday will do, however.

So if you can please please ramp up all the prayer. We really need it. She really needs it. And we really need her.


Anna said...

Ok, here's praying for a court date VERY VERY soon. Hang in there.

Yours Truly said...

Praying! And the whole family will lift you guys up in family prayer at dinner tonight. Prepare your hearts, she is coming home soon!

Jennifer said...

Praying for you guys, but hopefully you know that!!!!