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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Always Keep The Phone On The Toilet. Always.

Okay, it went down like this...

The phone rang this morning at 7:50am. While this wasn't the anticipated time that MoT could call, it certainly fell within an "acceptable" time range. That would make it 10:50am in Ontario. It wasn't MoT. Unfortunately for my recently-arrived-on-BC-hometurf-Mum, she was on the other end. And, while it was great to hear from her and know it wasn't overseas long distance, it wasn't a female voice I was hoping for on the other end of the line.

I got the boys in the car for school, hopped in and then realized that I didn't have the keys. Yes, keys usually help with starting a car Ashleigh.

So I whipped inside to grab them just as Ben had grabbed the phone on his way upstairs to get ready for work. He let me know he's specifically come back into the kitchen to grab the phone to take upstairs.

"Put it on the back of the toilet, honey" I said, "It's easier to reach when you're in the shower".

After months upon months of waiting for the phone to ring, you get these tactics down pack.

He may or may not have looked at me (lovingly of course) like I had just grown a third eye.

We headed to school. On the way there I wondered to myself how many more mornings I could wake up and tolerate the inner nausea without allowing it to take over. The feeling of utter illness would not subside until 10am each day. (This would be 1pm in Ont and in my mind: game over.) It was consistent to say the least. It has been horrible. And today as we drove, mostly in silence, I cranked the radio when this came on. I love this song. I mean seriously, who has the power to turn water into wine. Who does that? The same God who cares for our each and every prayer, problem, plea and praise. The same God who reminded us once again today of His sovereignty and His awareness of each and every concern and request we bring to the throne.

The difference between this wait...these past several weeks...and the referral wait...those many dozens of that the referral had taken so many months (ah hem, years) that the timeframe wasn't quite as finite. There was no "if then" clause with the referral call. That does not in any way minimize the anguish of waiting for that call, it is and was just different. This call had to come within a specific timeframe or there would be no pre-summer court date. The fear of our child in an orphanage a moment longer than she will have already been wasn't okay.

I digress.

I dropped the boys off, whipped across the school to talk with a teacher and then walked out, preparing to head back to work.

And my phone rang.

And it was Ben announcing a July 15th date.

Yes, a month from the day we received it.

That means leaving in less than a month.

Hold on to your hats. I can barely cling to mine. It's fantastic.

I cried. I called a friend. I yelled at another as she drove into the parking lot. I hugged another, while simultaneously calling my Mum (I should really apologize for having been short earlier) who had just come on the scene. And I shook. Oh, my legs. They just would not stop. And I cried some more. What a moment.

I worked, concentrated, focused on soaking in every second of this moment in time.

A time of prayer had been arranged to take place at noon today...everywhere. Around the world in different countries by all sorts of caring souls, hearts, and friends who love this child whom none of us have even met, were going to be praying as one.

And before we could all ask, plead together, He answered.

And why should we be surprised? Why did I ever for a single split second, question if this would happen. He always answers. In His own way. In His own time. For good. He always always wants nothing but good for His children.

And so now we go forth.

The phone rang soon after Ben was out of the shower, so perhaps the "keep it on the can" suggestion was a little over the top. A girl really can never be too careful though. Apparently, the split second(s) between when the phone rang and he grabbed it to look at the call display and the "unknown name" appearing (which we know to be MoT because of the area code) were some of the longest he's endured in quite some time.

Please don't stop praying. We need it now as much as ever.

There's an ash cloud hovering over Addis (and surrounding areas) after a volcano eruption in the Horn of Africa...some flights into Addis have been cancelled.

There are documents required to pass court.

There will be layovers and vaccinations and so so so very many details to fall into place...or be placed into place, I should say.

And I know that through it all, we are held in the hand of the Father.

Please don't stop praying.

July 15...and counting!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Congrats! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anna said...

I love EVERY detail. Great place for the phone!!! I'll keep praying!

Lee and Anna Hogan said...

YAY!!!! So excited to hear all the updates! I love hearing your thought process through it all!