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Saturday, June 25, 2011

She 's 7 months...And More Prep

I did the math awhile back and realized that when we go for court our wee one will be just over seven and a half months...and today she is seven months. Let's pause for a moment while I fight back the urge to wet my pants with anticipation.

The butterflies are still there. They've set up camp in my insides and quite honestly, I love it.

The lists have been created (with help, tips, tricks and insight!) and I thought that would be sufficient. I was wrong. Apparently simply having the lists doesn't actually help this girl with task completion. Boxes were being ticked off...just not in the timeframe originally anticipated. (Keep in mind that by normal people standards I'm probably right on's this darned Type A gets in the way of being behind in all things detail.)

So, print it all off I did.

And that didn't seem enough either.

So, categorizing tasks into days by (during) which they need to be completed was the next step.

And now the fire's lit and I'm on my way. The past twenty-four hours have been super productive and the pace will likely continue.

Last night's goal was to start and finish her blanket (part of the gift we will leave) for the Transition Home.

Times two.

I made two in case one is lost while she's there. They are identical...and while it's highly possible that it could end up on the crib of another wee one, I did my best to eliminate that possibility.

Hope she likes it...


Kelly said...

The blanket you made looks so soft and cozy...its beautiful! I love the personal touch with your daughters intial!
Cheering you on from the sidelines!!!!

Kelly DTE Oct.08

emily said...

The blanket is beautiful! And I love the little tag's you've attached, at 7 months she will just love chewing on those!!! eek! So excited for you guys.

Anna said...

I love the blanket! Inspiring! It's so hard knowing that she's growing up and you're so far away. You'll see her oh so soon!! It certainly sounds like you're ready!!!

Judi said...

I am surprised that you can actually achieve anything at all. I am really impressed. I am sure that I would be running around like a headless chicken!! The blanket is lovely and I hope you get to bring it home again as I am sure when she grows up she would really treasure a gift made with so much love and anticipation. Lots of love. Judi xxxx

Barbara said...

STOP!!! I'm just feeling more incompetent by the moment. Fine, you can sew (and knit and cook). But I can ummmm I can... I made a shutterfly album for 2010. It turned out pretty good. That's it.