The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Since our referral...two weeks ago to the day (read: pinch me it's still doesn't feel real)...there's been a real sense, need, desire to pray all that much more earnestly. We believe we were and have been, carried to this point, because of prayers lifted on our behalf and on behalf of a small child, half a world away, to whom no one could put a face or a name until fourteen days ago.

It has been that powerful.

And since that moment it has not stopped. I know the prayer has continued because of conversations I have on a daily basis. I know the prayer has continued because of the peace felt. I know the prayer has continued because without it, none of this would have come this far.

And since that moment I have felt an intensity to pray (perhaps even) hard(er) than before. For now, there is a face and a name and a being and a small, sweet girl who needs us almost as much as we need her.

And since that moment - the call - I have felt a new marathon begin. One in which there is perhaps a race against time. We rejoice - we continue to rejoice daily, hourly - and yet we know the journey ahead remains one of patience, grace, understanding, faith, and perhaps just a little more patience.

The prayer for a timely court date began nearly immediately after the referral. As we sat in a circle with many who are like family, we prayed for a timely appointment.

Yet in the wake of tragedy, with the reminder of the fragility of life, knowing that we cannot control and we need to release control, I am praying now with a sense of urgency. I cannot quench it. The drive, passion, intensity behind and within the prayers is one that makes me want to scream. And it makes me want to run across the country, swim the ocean, cross numerous more countries and swoop her up. And I want to touch her, smell her, hold her, whisper to her.

And so now we pray with urgency, without ceasing, with fervor.

And we wait.

And we need to know with confidence that the hour has been decided.

We need to rest in the knowledge of Sovereignty.


Gwen said...

I know exactly how you feel. The referral wait is a pale shadow of the wait for court, and nothing even close to the excruciating wait for visas. Hang onto your hat.... it's a crazy ride! But you'll totally make it, and it's worth every minute! :)

Anna said...

I will pray fervently that you get a timely court date. Keep the faith!!