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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Lunch deviated from the norm today. It would usually be comprised of at least three or more likely four of the following: bread, bananas, apples, peanut butter. (You'd be surprised how many ways these can be thrown together.)

Today however, I was feeling creative. Perhaps it was the rain outside, making me go squirrelly inside. Perhaps it was simply not wanting to suppress any sort of creativity that could possibly burst forth. And, while blood curdling shrieks of opposition can usually be heard across the country if there is some deviation from the expected lunch menu, hopes of a serious wow! factor led this Mama to hold fast to the thought that maybe, just maybe this would be a welcome change.

I'd hesitantly suggest that presentation played a substantial role.

And with her back turned, what this Mama heard from the lips of one small three year old made her grin from ear to ear...

"Noah? Is this awesome Noah?!"

Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.


Anna said...

You are awesome!
Love the tray idea with the different yummy munchies. Looks good!!

Sharon said...

That's my Tait. He knows what he likes and lets everyone know it. Just like his Daddy was. And Noah, we are proud of you growing up. Your first tooth. What a big boy you are. Ashleigh, thanks for being a great mum to these wonderful boys.


Niki said...

What a great idea! What a creative and simple way to make lunch fun! Might have to that tomorrow.