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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get Crackin'

Thursday, we enjoyed a quiet morning as family. Together on a usual hustle and bustle day, starting off slowly together was blessed, indeed.

Before heading out to remember, honour, to stop and give thanks those who have fallen and who continue to serve, we mixed it up a little.

I'm no short order cook but one food, three different ways, all executed simultaneously felt like a bit of a challenge to this multi-tasking mama...and so, it was.

(i think a recipe for the pumpkin muffins in the background
- which went over soooo well -
should be a feature later this week, don't you?)

Our morning together. Our time to honour together. A time to simply be.

(okay, not everyone requested the same food)

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Yours Truly said...

Yummy!! Family egg breakfast has become a regular occurrence around here too.