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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Question Mark

This is getting ridiculous. I believe the last referral made (of which I am aware) was September 7th. While you may think I'm ornery for knowing the date, I think it's sad that I can recall it partially because it was made alone (often several come in together) and it was that.long.ago.

Throw up a little prayer for the children waiting for families tonight and for the families waiting for their children tonight - the ones whose faces we have seen and the ones whose faces we have not.

This wait is becoming a little much even for the hopeful.

I used the word "everlasting" when describing God this morning and I hold fast to that.

However, the journey and the seasons...they are not for the faint of heart.

And some days, learning to dance in the storm is a tough routine to master.

So, thanks for the prayers.


Gwen said...

It's not an easy journey at all. I'm finding the wait for court easier than the wait for a referral, simply because now I know it WON'T take forever -- there's an end in sight. But the referral wait was sheer torture... it just seems so endless and futile. I'm sorry the wait is SO long for your family. :( Hang in there.

Anna said...

I too know how painful the wait for referral is. It's terribly slow right now. I am constantly thinking of you and others waiting for a referral, and I am lifting you up in my prayers. It's amazing that prayers are going up from all ends of the country (and the world).