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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Be Scared To Miss What God Has For You

Be Scared To Miss What God Has For You

I read and re-read that earlier today. Thinking I had misread it...and then I realized I hadn't.

Don't stop seeking.

Never cease praying.

Continually seek Him.

Sense urgency in your need to follow.

Be aware.

Seek His presence, His will, His desire, and His truth for your life.

Be Scared To Miss What God Has For You

I think it's so simple, easy, effortless to be remiss about much that goes on around us. Life can pass us by so quickly and then we look back wondering where the time went. Constantly waiting for the next best thing, we often lose out on the here and now.

I find myself, at times, thinking perhaps this journey is too much. Maybe we need to stop. I will wonder how long this can continue. When do we realize and accept that we have been "so close" for so long and could continue to be "so close" for so long.

And then I think it through. I intentionally stop what I am doing and pray it through. I sit (or jog) in silence letting the journey, our family's destiny if-you-will, and God's will flow through my mind and throughout my prayers.

Every time I do this I realize that I am so so scared to miss what God has for me.

And so we wait.

With anticipation we wait.

Expectantly we wait.

It would be tragic to miss what God has for me, for us, for this family...

And I think that, that some days is what keeps me going. Fear of what we would or could miss. Because God's plan is bigger than my dreams. And, His will is far more miracle-filled than I could fathom.

I was reminded a short while ago that God had a plan for this, for us, for our journey long before Canada or Ethiopia were ever formed. He does all things for our sake. Before we were breathed into existence He knew all of this.

It would be shameful to put Him in a box or freewill this journey to a halt because of fear.

So here's to stepping out in faith more often, if for no other reason than I am scared to miss what God has for me.


Mel said...

AMEN! SEARCH ON you tube, Francis Chan - Balance Beam

Anna said...

I love that! How true, that God sees the bigger picture and he has a plan for our lives. He already has the perfect Keizer child chosen for your family!

arnie&bekah said...

just happened upon your blog, love this! I wrote something very similar today too!

Lola said...

I was online looking at seat sales... It's not that expensive to make it to the Island:) not sure how my family would like that but I was definitely missing "home". Maybe someday. until then, know I miss you guys.