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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mondays Can Be Good

I kind of hate the stigma given to Mondays. The fact that "we all dread" Mondays must mean one of several things...none of which I feel I need to explore. But I understand. I recall the need to set my alarm after two days of sleep-in bliss weekends. (I no longer really need to do that ever since the first of two instalments of human alarms over five years ago.)

I digress.

Today was a good Monday. The feeling of peace somehow invaded me last week, though we hit the twenty-five month mark. I am certain it was the moments I briefly touched on. Regardless, it was nice to feel that sense of tranquility and confidence in the journey.

The feeling remained today which actually surprised me because as sure as the rain will fall, these moments of encouragement often only last so long. Thinking I would just go with it, until the feeling dissipated, I went about the morning and finally as one small three year old sang to himself in the tub, I flicked on the computer and whipped through the inbox.

And there it was. An email from Imagine. Regardless of which individual sends it at any given time, my heart always flips just a bit when I see who the sender is. Something, any newsy update, or information is enough to cause the minor palpitations. So, saving it to last (perhaps due to a stupid superstition about the colloquial saying "save the best for last"...) I perused all other friendly, news worthy, work related messaged.

And then I clicked and read some wonderful news. An integral member of the Imagine Staff who left just over a week ago has returned.

And while that is good news in my mind, I think it deserves a few moments. It's good not simply because she has a wealth of experience with Imagine. It's not good because enabling her to return means that the board must feel the financial viability of the agency is not at risk (ie: her salary is back on payroll and they are satisfied enough with the budget that it can be afforded). It's good not just because she will now be devoting some of her time to the role of case worker, (working with families who have been referred...that right there deserves a yee-haw). It's good not simply because it means that the board must feel there is still (and will continue to be!) an abundance of work.

It is good for all those reasons and likely many many more of which I am certainly not aware.

Yes, Mondays can be good.


Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

I was so relieved to get that update today!

BCMommy said...

I actually look forward to Mondays because (I hope) it brings news of Visas for families, and starts a fresh week-each week I think 'this will be the week where we see the flood of referrals'. So far I have not been right, but as Friday gets closer, I get more depressed because I know it signifies the end of another week in this ever-lasting journey. Then I know I have to go at least 2 days without any information or progress for any of us. The only Friday I look forward to is the Friday when we get our updates. I too had a heart palpitation when I opened my email and had 2 messages from Imagine.

So, unlike most people, I like Mondays now. It's weird.

Anna said...

So happy you had a good Monday! Here's hoping and praying for many more happy Mondays (and some referrals!!)

Papa/Grandpa said...

Enthusiasm can be like a fire that needs an occasional poke with a stick.

Sharon said...

I think Mondays are great days, Ben, your husband, was born on a Monday. Hayden, one of my grandson's was a Monday baby and Tim's girlfriend, was also. So Mondays are good day for some of the best people were born on Mondays.