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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goings On

Apart from the "Hurry Up And Wait" aspect of the bankruptcy and adoption process, it's been busy around here.

Other than the usual hum the summer and camp brings, we've been going at what feels to be 90 mph for quite some time.

Between head lacerations and hospital visits, (bless the scientist who came up with the ingenious idea to concoct "super"glue for small sliced skulls, instead of the cursed needle and thread idea); seminars which grip the heart and teach of leadership both in a work setting and in one's own journey; with family visits and childhood fevers; it's been go-go-go.

As the weeks now number less than 3 until the end of summer (and an annual trip to the States!), it seemed a few pictures were in order.

Aside from the adventures above Family Camp held some fun especially on Carnival Day.

Face Painting Butterflies and Yellow Dots

There will never be any concern over the youngest going with a flow...he's a fully independent, march-to-the-beat-of-my-own-drum kid. Fiercely concerned with personal generosity and equal sharing as of late, Tait is becoming an absolutely sweet toddler. He's also got a temper which I know will give us a run for our money in years to come - wait, it already does.

We've been shallow-water fly fishing.

Reaping the labours of our harvest.

And simply put, enjoying these lazy days of summer.

All this is not to say I don't anticipate the outcome of the meeting this Monday the 24th. The proposal is coming closer to completion and I can simply pray it is in our favour. Thank you to those of you who constantly remind me of your faithful prayers. They are felt and they are coveted.

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