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Friday, August 8, 2008

One Step At A Time - Thank Yous!

There have been many many many friends who have supported us in our journey so far. There have also been many people whom we have either gotten to know or still do not really know who have helped. It's pretty incredible to hear of different stories about those who are reaching out to help us, those who are teaching their kids about lessons in selfless giving to help us, all for a little girl we don't even know - who lives half a world away.

Hopefully we'll see a copy of our Homestudy Report within the next week or so, we'll read through to ensure it is an accurate depiction of "us" and then we'll wait for official approval. I can't wait to say "we're waiting". Though I know it will be hard to have no ability to speed things up or control any situations, it will also be a bit of a relief to know we've done all that we tangibly can, up to that point.

So, as we wait at this point I feel it is important to make mention of the many who have touched us with their support. Whether prayerfully, financially, time, bake sale giving, yard sale giving (or buying) we are very very thankful to so many...young and old, it's unreal how many people have offered continual support.

Nana & Pops, Papa & Grandma, Frank & Tracy, Sue, Scott & Tammy, Linda, Chris and Dolores, Mark & Lola, Bruce & Cristina, Janet, Scott & Julie, Dan & Roxanne, James & Lydia, Art & Connie, Toban & Bryony, Tara, Chris & Kirsten, Anna, Russ & Michelle, Pauline & Gary, Ernie & Carol, Toni, Phil, Wolff Family, Dice Family, Dunford Family, Dales Family, Bertram Family, Kuntsi Family, and to the guy who bought $3 worth of baked goods from the Suprise Bake Sale but paid $30.

Thank you...words really can't express how touched we are by your kindness & generosity.

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Anonymous said...

Grandma and Papa want to thank everyone too. But all the waiting will be worth it when "little one" comes home.

Waiting is the hardest part I find. Patience is not one of the things I do best. No God I am not asking for patience.