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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alive And...Well...Well

We are in fact alive and well.

This time last week, not so much.

Two at the Dr, one feeling like she fell out of the stupid tree, hitting most branches on the way down, after said visit. Perhaps she drew the short straw. Regardless, going to proved an exercise both in a sense of futility but fortunately also as an exercise in prescription reception. (On the To Do List: find a new GP. The sweet, wonderful, ever kind children we all seek our best to raise do, from time to time offer enough free advise and reminder of "Mama you just don't know" that an added dose simply is not necessary from the Doc. Especially when said Mama was in fact correct and trained professional, well, not so much.)

We now feel better.

{monkeying around...}

For now, a few photos are all we've got. As we head into our week of Winter Break and Family Day (yay Alberta!), there will be more. For now, just some colour seizing a few of our moments over the past week.

{someone turned 5.
hard to believe he was a month younger than makeda is now, when we started our adoption journey.
very hard to believe.
and best not to ponder for too long.
instead, we continue to be thankful and rejoice.}

{we had the best Harari playdate last week. warmed my heart
...pure ethiopian joy in the form of much giggling, running around, and joyful playing!}

That project mentioned a few posts back is still in the works...nearly ready to share. Just needs a few tweaks and a bit more TLC. Last week the latter was given all to the babe. And the Mama.

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The Gaboury's said...

What a beautiful family!! u r blessed!!!!!