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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pack It: The Shoebox

I have been meaning to post this for awhile. I was reminded this morning. The season is quick and short-lived but so impactful.

Pack Your Shoebox.

I love this.

Annually Samaritan's Purse ramps up the Operation Christmas Child production (staffing, lines, shipping, passion). Providing children with (much) less with some small amount of joy.

What a great, simple, fun way to teach your children well. What a Saturday morning full of impact. What a fantastic way to be the blessing that could stay with a child - likely wondering where his/her next meal may come from - through the entire year.

A simple sixty minutes of your time, lasting throughout three hundred and sixty five days.

Do it here...(if you don't have the time, do it online and chose whether you want to help a wee boy or girl or both, here)...

Be the blessing...

Love on the vulnerable, innocent, children - who deserve more.

Christmas is coming. It should come for everyone.

That's our responsibility, isn't it.

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