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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fresh (Air) Perspective

Yesterday was not one of those days a person wishes to repeat, or even re-live in their mind. It just wasn't a stellar day in the history of this little family. Everyone went to bed a little (!) frazzled and out of sorts. Some of us woke up with frustration hang-over from the unfavourable ending to the previous day.

But we're normal. It will happen again. (Hopefully no time soon.)

We have great days. We have bad days. And in between these extremes lies the spectrum of life (with children).

Going to bed feeling undone and spent is one thing. Waking up feeling similar isn't okay with me.

And while it wasn't on the top of my to-do list, the sun was shining, the thermometer was reading a wee bit above zero and the paths were calling our names. (This may not seem warm, yet this morning's read was 31.5 degrees above that of Saturday morning!)

We bundled up.

One hopped on his bike.

One was nuzzled cozy in her stroller.

The other, a leash strapped around his furry neck.

And I...I took up the rear with camera in hand.

It was a "choose your own adventure" kind of morning. The paths around these parts are fantastic and have been cleared and plowed more than the sidewalks. One small four year old in the lead - his kamikaze style bike riding leaves this Mama wanting to loose her last meal at times - we've taken to looking away when he really gets his speed up. The rest of us followed.

This way and that, we followed the paths (and a few sidewalks) on our mini adventure.

And the mindset at the end of it was well worth the time spent together. Outside. In the fresh air. And sun.

I consciously took deep breaths as we walked along. Allowing the fresh, cool (not frigid!) air to reach deep down into the crevices of my lungs. And I'm sure it helped.

We get caught up sometimes, don't we? In the busyness of life. What we should be doing instead, sometimes, of what we want to be doing. We forget, in the throws of homework and soccer and play dates and appointments, that these moments...the walks, the adventure, the deep breathing...these phenomena keep us healthy and sane and patient and content.

My encouragement is to take, if only a few minutes, to stop. Whatever has to get done - put it aside if only briefly. Don't forget about the value of the outside, fresh air, deep breathing, talking together with your wee one(s). Slowing down. Push a kid, walk alongside one, go to the end of the street alone if it's dark and into the night and the day has slipped away, but do take those deep fresh breaths.

We can so easily slip into the drone of the day. We can fall into a sea of gray if we allow ourselves. When the moment presents itself - or you have worked to seek it out - jump...ah hem, walk.

Today has been much better.

We all have a much better perspective.


Katie said...

I'm dying over that last picture of Makeda in the stroller. What a blessed life.

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. You are a wise Momma.
Love the pictures...great post!

Kelly~waiting for a court date.